500 Mortuary and Funeral Workers Trained in Infection Prevention and Control by MoFFA

Accra, 18th September 2023

In a significant initiative to safeguard vulnerable communities and strengthen the healthcare workforce, the Mortuaries and Funeral Facilities Agency (MoFFA) proudly announces the successful training of over 500 mortuary and funeral workers from across the nation in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). This three-day training program, organized by MoFFA and supported by UKAID and Department of Health & Social Care through World Health Organization, was aimed at equipping mortuary and funeral workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to halt the transmission of infections. The training was held at all regional capitals with Kumasi being the last regional capital for the training to be held.

Dr. Yaw Twerefour, the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of MoFFA, emphasized the paramount importance of understanding the key concept of disease transmission. He noted that microorganisms, though mostly invisible, exist ubiquitously and highlighted the necessity of identifying sources, susceptible hosts, and transmission routes, which encompass contact droplets, airborne transmission, and vehicle transmission via food among others.

One of the highlights of this training is the certificates that participants will receive, which will not only enhance their professional credentials but also secure their employment prospects. Dr. Twerefour emphasized that MoFFA's mission is to empower workers with the technical expertise and fundamental knowledge required for their roles, thereby enhancing their capacity and work experience.

Dr. Twerefour also highlighted the broader goals of this initiative, stating, "MoFFA is committed to ensuring that workers protect themselves, their patients, families, and communities, including places of worship, marketplaces, and healthcare facilities vulnerable to infections." He explained that healthcare-associated infections, defined as infections occurring in patients during the care process in healthcare or family care settings, need to be addressed comprehensively.

Mr. Emmanuel Okyere, a facilitator and lead technical for the training program, shed light on the significance of IPC, describing it as "a policy, procedure, and practice framework used to mitigate the risk of infection transmission, particularly in healthcare environments such as morgues." He stressed that the training program would enhance participants' scientific approach by providing practical solutions aimed at preventing harm and infections among patients.

Furthermore, Mr. Okyere emphasized that the goal is to protect the vulnerable populations at risk of infection in healthcare settings and the communities. He noted that to halt the spread of infections, every link in the chain must be addressed, emphasizing that "breaking any link will stop disease transmission."

MoFFA's commitment to training and empowering mortuary and funeral workers in infection prevention and control underscores its dedication to public health and the well-being of communities across the nation.

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About MOFFA:

MoFFA was established on December 31, 2011, through an Act of Parliament, the Health Institutions and Facilities Act 2011 (Act 829), to license, control and regulate facilities connected to the storage, transportation and disposal of human remains  and to license and register practitioners.

Being an Agency under the Ministry of Health, MoFFA by its mission seeks to “protect public health incidences in the funeral and death care industry through a process of impartial enforcement, inspection, licensing and education in order to guarantee that services provided by all agents in the sector are conducted professionally and ethically.”