Inspection process and guidelines

Inspection is where a facility having successfully gone through the registration process submits itself for inspectors/assessors of the Agency or representative of the Agency to visit and check if the facility can be judged as ready to operate or can continue to operate if it is a pre-existing facility. The inspection of the facility allows the Agency to check if the facility is up to standard.

The inspection process outlines the steps to go through for inspection. The guidelines set the standards for all facilities and inspectors/assessors performing the inspection of the facility. The guidelines describe the overall management system for inspecting, rating, and reporting the condition of a facility to the Board. Following these guidelines will result in a consistent set of   fit- for-purpose inspection reports.

The process and guidelines of inspection shall involve the following:

  1. The Registrar after receiving the filled application form and all required documents of a facility shall:
  2. Issue an inspection letter to the facility to prepare for an inspection to be carried out;
  3. Schedule date and time for the inspection with the facility;
  4. Assemble qualified inspection team who shall comprise relevant professionals from the industry;
  5. Specifics of the elements or areas to be inspected shall include:
  6. the built facility and premises;
  7. plant and equipment;
  8. the registration certificate of the practitioner;
  9. staffing of the facility;
  10. health, safety and waste disposal;
  11. the licence, register and books of the facility;
  12. reliable supply of water and electricity; and
  13. any other aspect of the facility that the Board considers relevant.
  14. After the inspection is done, an inspector or team of inspectors shall submit an inspection report to the Registrar and an inspection certificate shall be issued to the facility not more than 30 days after a satisfactory inspection has been conducted by an inspector (s)
  15. The Board shall have the authority to request the conduct of follow-up inspections within thirty days of filing of an inspection report in respect of facility which has been cited for failure to comply with these regulations.
  16. The Registrar shall review the report and make a recommendation to the Board;
  17. Based on the recommendations of the Registrar, the Board shall make a decision to issue the licence to the facility or not;
  18. If the Board finds the report and the recommendation satisfactory a licence shall be issued to enable the facility to operate or continue to operate;
  19. In cases where the Board finds the report and recommendation unsatisfactory, a period of time shall be given to the facility to address the issues raised and re-submit to the Board for consideration and re-inspection.